Water Storage Tank


Water Storage Tank

Comet tanks are manufactured Polymers and designed for long Lasting and durability of high quality for domestic and commercial purposes with a focus on innovation and new technology adoption, Water storage tanks are available in different capacities ranging from 300 liters to 5,000 liters. Moreover, to ensure that our range is being delivered safely at the clients end, we make use of quality packaging material.

Comet offers two types of Water Storage Tank.



  • Airtight Threaded Lid - Keeps Water fresh | Keeps Dirt & Files out | Does not blow on windy days.
  • Super Strong Body - Revolutionary design of water Plus is Super storng, yet so stylish and contemporary that you will want to make it a centerpiece of your home.
  • Unique Design (Power with precision) - With focus on design. the highly technical structure is inspired by professionals in this field. ensuring the only thing attention-grabbing about the Tank is a pure brilliant design.
  • Hygienic - High Food grade HDPE material ensures that the water does not get contaminated when in contact with tank.
  • Consistent Wall Thickness - State of art Blow Mould machine offers consistent wall thickness throughout its frame structure and thereby allows enen more effective balanced weight of the whole tank.
  • Multiple Inlet/Outlet options - Multiple Inlet / Outlet options help plumbers in easy connections and also help in proper Utilization of the space, ensuring clean look ofthe whole structure.

Unique Features

  • Light Weight : easy to carry.
  • Zero Maintenance.
  • Triple Layer / Four Layer / Four Layer foam Tank
  • Threaded Lid : More Secure, Clean water.
  • Higher Chemical resistance as compared to other tanks.
  • Leak & Rust Proof.
  • Economical than conventional septic System.
  • Computerized ribbed design for better strength.
  • Wide range of diameter and height options.
  • Molded for seamless looks.
  • Rapid and cost effective site installation.

Range & Specification of Roto Moulding

Code No. Nominal Capacity Overall Diameter Overall Height
SW 01 300 ltr 660 mm 910 mm
SW 02 500 ltr 840 mm 945 mm
SW 03 750 ltr 940 mm 1070 mm
SW 04 1000 ltr 1025 mm 1240 mm
SW 05 1500 ltr 1190 mm 1400 mm
SW 06 2000 ltr 1350 mm 1490 mm
SW 07 5000 ltr 1875 mm 1895 mm

Range & Specification of Blow Moulding

Code No. Nominal Capacity Overall Diameter Overall Height Diameter of Man-Hole
SW 08 500 ltr 850 mm 990 mm 415 mm
SW 09 750 ltr 990 mm 1130 mm 415 mm
SW 10 1000 ltr 1100 mm 1200 mm 415 mm
SW 11 1500 ltr 1240 mm 1425 mm 415 mm
SW 12 2000 ltr 1365 mm 1550 mm 415 mm