COMET HDPE pipes are manufactured as per specification no. IS: 4984 of Indian Standards..

  1. The pipes are available in PE-63, PE-80 & P-100 Grade Material.
  2. The pipes Pressure Class are Available in 2,2.5,3.2,4,5,6,8,10,12.5,16 & 20 kgf/cm2.
  3. The Pipe Sizes are Available in 32mm to 110mm.(1" to 4").
  4. The Length Available as per pipe size in coil form upto 6 mtr to 500 mtr.

Application : 

Comet HDPE pipe are Extremely useful in Water Supply, drip Irrigation, industries pesticide dispersal, sewerage / drainage in urban and rural area sand Drawing Water from Dams and Borewell for Water Distribution.

Features :

  1. Ideal for portable water supply.
  2. Light in Weight and Easy to Carry as Compared to GI & MS Pipes.
  3. Flexibility ensures smooth installation and trouble free functioning.
  4. Low Installation Cost, Joins easily and leak proof.
  5. Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance.
  6. Inert to most acidic and alkaline solutions.
  7. Good Elasticity & Strength Property.
  8. Smooth inner walls minimize frictional losses.
  9. Extended Service Life.

Colour :

  1. Black


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